Voluntary State of Apart

Voluntary State of Apart
by Saquina Karla C. Guiam

It’s you and me,
            talking about things
            so beautiful
            I cry
            in the heart
            of this Sahara.

Hold me,
            I borrowed
            the edge of summer
to remember
            I will reach for you.


Saquina Karla C. Guiam is a Best of the Net-nominated poet. On occasion, she writes prose. Her work has appeared on Glass: A Journal of Poetry, The Maine Review, Outlook Springs, Djed Press, Geoliterary, and others. She is the Roots nonfiction editor at Rambutan Literary and an editor for Umbel & Panicle. Her first micro-chapbook, Skysea, was part of Ghost City Press’ 2017 Summer Chapbook Series.

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