Line Break encourages the exploration of any and all interactive fiction platforms. Here are some of our recommendations on tools and platforms that are great ways to get started with the medium.

Story Platforms


TWINERY.ORG is an open-source tool available on browser and on desktop for telling interactive, nonlinear stories that publishes to HTML. It has several story formats for different levels of experience with HTML, the introductory one called Harlowe. Its seamless integration with HTML and wonderful interface for connecting “passages” allows for any writer to easily transform words into interactive media spaces. Highly recommended


For those with experience in even the most basic HTML, exploring interactive fiction on static webpages is doable and provides for endless possibilities especially after learning basic Javascript.


Here are our recommendations for actually getting your story up and running. Line Break offers hosting for publications, but you may also opt to have your own collection

Github (Pages)

GITHUB is a web-based hosting service that allows you to store projects in repositories. Github Pages allows you to host websites directly from your repository (where you can upload your story file as well as other media) and publish it to your account. Highly recommended

PHILOME.LA connects with Twitter to publish Twine stories, only requiring one to upload your story’s HTML file. This requires you to host any images/sounds off-site, but is a great solution that also collates your work to your Twitter username. Recommended